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  1. agent-Achika 2wk 2d ago
    Enjoy yourself?

  2. agent-Achika 3wk 0d ago
    Receive any fun gifts?
    Cook any delicious food?

  3. agent-Achika 8wk 0d ago
    -Did U have fun?

  4. agent-Achika 12wk 1d ago

    Hi Maronkuzakawe!
    -How are U?
    -Ready for Halloween?

  5. agent-Achika Aug 22, 2017


  6. agent-Achika Aug 21, 2017


  7. agent-Achika Aug 07, 2017

    Gd evening Maron Kuzakawe!
    How are you?
    Its nice to meet you,
    my name is Achika.
    -How long have you
    been making wallies?
    I ask because your very talented.
    -Been apart of MT a long time?
    -Ever traveled outside of: Czech Rep?
    -Do you have any cool hobbies?
    -In college or working?
    -Do you watch anime or
    read manga at all?
    -Have any pets?
    -Seen any new movies lately?
    -I'm NOT trying to pry into ya
    personal life by any means.
    I just like getting to know people.
    I decided to go on a
    whim & message you
    since I never saw you here before.
    -Feel free to ask me questions if you
    want to in the future.
    -Can you be a dear &
    reply when you
    have time?
    -Thanx for taking the time
    out of ya busy schedule
    to read my GBP.
    Have a nice night.

  8. Monu-chan Retired Moderator Dec 25, 2015
    Merry Christmas Maron-san!

  9. Monu-chan Retired Moderator Dec 10, 2015

    Happy Birthday Maron-san! :D
    I wish you'll have all happiness in your life :)

  10. angelxxuan Banned Member Nov 29, 2015

    hey there just stopping by to give you a warm welcome to the group JapaneseLover, feel free to stop by any time and discuss anything related to her culture :)

  11. Monu-chan Retired Moderator Nov 17, 2015

    Quote by MaronKuzakawe
    Hello Monu! :D Its no time for new wallpapers, but i can try something in few days. What about you? I didnt see anything from you! :P
    But Christmas is on the way, so it will be better next month o.o

    Oh okay I'll wait, I love to see your walls because they always shows improvement. :D
    As for me I have few vectors done and few working on, but my college has made me a bit busy and then I'm reading few manga in my free time mostly at night after 1am. Before Christmas I have exams D:
    I'll see if I can finish one of my wallpaper this weekend, need to work on Back ground details and final blending of characters and background. It's Autumn theme wallpaper but I'm afraid winter will start before I finish it xD

  12. Monu-chan Retired Moderator Nov 16, 2015

    Hey! :D
    no new wallpapers?

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